Customer Care
Turn a negative customer experience into a positive one.
Digital Customer Care Vouchers help you solve customer complaints.

Why Customer Care?

A customer who files a complaint, is one that wants help. Neglecting that shout for help, is the worst thing to do and will result in eventually losing the customer for good. But what if you can fix a negative experience with simple Digital Vouchers instantly?


Count on Guyz Wired
to solve customer complaints

Digitized and automated flow
Guyz Wired provides the tools and guidance to automate the entire Customer Care Voucher flow.
Integration with CRM and POS

Easy to connect with the current tools of your organization for automation and validation.

Time and money saving

Thanks to the step towards a digitized and automated process there’s a lot of time, work and money that can be saved.

Entire voucher journey trackable

Digital always has the benefit to be trackable. All the gathered data is ready for you to consult at the statistics dashboard.